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Explore the speaker lineup for AImpact 2023. Meet the minds at the forefront of AI innovation, thought leadership, and business transformation. Our speakers, comprising AI industry experts and pioneers, are set to deliver powerful insights into the transformative potential of AI in business and entrepreneurship. Discover the AImpact difference today. 

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L. Palmer

Dr. Lisa Palmer

AI Business Strategist | Doctorate - AI 2023 | Gartner & Microsoft Alum

Dr. Lisa Palmer is an artificial intelligence business strategist who designs business models, processes, and services that align to the unique needs of board directors, executives, product leaders, and revenue professionals. Her work drives growth, reduces costs, and enables clients to outperform their competitors. One of the world's top AI experts, she challenges leaders to think differently, ensuring they stay ahead of trends and risks. Lisa has worked for top companies including Microsoft, Splunk, Gartner, and ConocoPhillips, with a latticed career journey. She has advised and consulted for multinational businesses, government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, STEM groups, tech companies, and universities. Her speaking engagements have taken her across the globe, audiences ranging in size from 3 to 15,000. Lisa holds a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence conferred in May 2023. Digging deeply into 46 different enterprise environments, she studied motivations for pursuing AI, actions that led to success and failure, and the business outcomes created.
K. Chernis

Kate Bradley Chernis

CEO and Founder,

Kate Bradley Chernis is the Founder & CEO of Lately.AI, the next generation of social media management and sales enablement platforms, built from the ground up with AI that generates channel-specific content for any unique brand or employee voice. As a former rock 'n' roll DJ, Kate served 20 million listeners as Music Director and on-air host at Sirius/XM. She’s also an award-winning radio producer, engineer and voice talent with 25 years of national broadcast communications, brand-building, sales and marketing expertise. What she learned in radio about the neuroscience of music helps fuel Lately's artificial intelligence. Prior to founding Lately, Kate also owned a marketing agency which got Walmart a 130% ROI, YoY for three years. In addition, Kate's appeared as a guest speaker on hundreds of sales, marketing and entrepreneurial podcasts and has led presentations for Walmart, Ericsson, SAP, National Disability Institute, IRS, United Way Worldwide, SaaStr, SXSW, Content Marketing Institute, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Harvard University, Columbia University, NYU and others.
J. McCoy

Julia McCoy

President, Content at Scale ⎪ Author of "Content Writer's Handbook: Human & AI Writing Skills" (and 7 others)

Julia McCoy is a pioneering entrepreneur and online content strategist, now serving as President at Content at Scale, a top-tier AI writing tool for SEOs. With a career devoted to empowering marketers to maximise revenue through content, she has developed impactful models such as the AIO approach, the CRAFT framework, and the AOFU approach to blogging.
Julia embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at 19 by dropping out of college and founding a writing agency with her last $75. She grew her venture into a $5M business over a decade, leading a 90-member team and launching seven brands. The lessons she gleaned from successes and failures have shaped her into a respected author of 8 books. Once an AI sceptic, Julia embraced the potential of AI content after discovering Content at Scale in 2023. She quickly moved from VP of Marketing to President, guiding the firm towards maintaining its growth. A proponent of AI-assisted content marketing, Julia is committed to helping marketers harness AI's potential to optimize time and cost efficiencies.

Elizabeth Irvine

VP of Marketing, MarketMuse

Elizabeth Irvine is the VP of Marketing for MarketMuse, driving the content, demand generation and sales enablement initiatives for the organization. She joined MarketMuse in 2018 as the first full-time marketer and built the marketing engine and automation from the ground up. Elizabeth spent over eight years at TechTarget, five of which were in London where she built the site marketing department for the new European branch spanning four international markets and languages. She spent a year at Gartner, building an audience for their marketing-focused product and also spent a year at an early-stage startup, Code Ocean. 
R. Shimizu-Smith

Rain Shimizu-Smith

AI-Powered Graphic Designer and Tools Specialist

Rain is a GEN Z speaker, AI-powered graphic designer and AI business tools consultant, merging a background in science and tech with design thinking and business processes. A firm believer in the power of AI and the urgent need for timely but informed adoption, she brings AI's transformative potential to clients, elevating their visual presence and operational efficiency. Rain speaks about AI-Powered Design, Creative AI Tools, and Finding the Stack of Business AI Tools Right for You. For a vision of how the future looks, get in touch with Rain and connect on LinkedIn.
J. Lu

Jiajun Lu

CEO and Founder, Akool

Jiajun Lu is a global leader in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) with over a decade of industry experience. His career spans several high-profile projects that have received extensive media coverage, and he has successfully managed various teams and startups, leading them to significant achievements. Renowned for his expertise in Engineering Management, AI, and AR, Jiajun is recognized for his ability to combine his vast knowledge, connections, talent, and diligence to drive success. His contributions to AI have not only been acknowledged through his work but also through his recognition as one of the Top 50 CEOs of Artificial Intelligence companies. Jiajun serves as the Founder and CEO of Akool, a company providing AGI powered content and digitalization products for commerce. His leadership has been instrumental in guiding the company since its inception in 2022.
T. Kattnigg

Cindy Fossouo

CEO and Founder, 

Information Systems Builder

As Founder and CEO of Information Systems Builder, a Tech marketing solutions company for tech startups headquartered in the heart of San Francisco tech ecosystem. This exceptional CEO also works at a venture capital firm, tirelessly supporting fellow founders in their quest for capital to realize their dreams. Through unwavering dedication and a determination to inspire positive change, this CEO is poised to reshape the future of technology and entrepreneurship. 
M. Ahmad

Maaz Ahmad

Software Engineer, AI Bot Engineer

Maaz, a software engineer and AI enthusiast, has been immersed in AI automation for over six months, providing AI consultancy to businesses. He has specialized in various domains, including Real Estate, personal bots for influencers, Customer Support Systems, Gym Fitness bots, and staff training bots.

His work involves utilizing tools like Botpress, StackAI, Make, Zapier, and Langchain to create robust solutions. Maaz's passion lies in speaking with business owners to understand their processes, estimating the cost, and quality benefits of implementing AI in their businesses, making him a go-to consultant in AI-enhanced automation solutions.

T. Gosnell

Tim Gosnell


Tim has an incredible tech industry career spanning over 25 years. Starting his technology journey at just 10 years old, he's been fervently involved in tech-related projects ever since. His professional experience includes roles as Engineering Head at ThinkTank Collaboration Systems, Director of Engineering at EffectiveUI, Research Engineer at Quest Software, and Lead Application Engineer at Computer Research. Tim's expertise lies in large data collection, automation, analytical tools, and AI systems. A founder and leader of various startups, Tim emphasizes collaboration, emotional intelligence, and technical innovation. He's proud of his work on ThinkTank, a significant collaboration enablement platform, and has led projects to improve logistics planning and enhance collaboration software features. Driven by the transformative potential of AI, Tim aims to create tools that simplify life, encourage impact, and spark creativity. His unique blend of skills in technology, AI, and collaboration establishes him as a trusted authority on data-driven collaboration's role in enhancing creativity and productivity.
T. Kattnigg

Thomas Kattnigg

Sales Executive, Founder, Business Coach

With almost two decades of experience, Thomas has held executive positions with high-growth SaaS businesses, founded a sales & marketing automation startup, held advisory board positions, became a GTM coach for startup accelerators & founders and is a published author. Thomas specializes in helping businesses achieve sustainable growth by implementing automation and a communicative team culture that thrives for excellence and accountability. Recently, Thomas joined PlayHT, a Y Combinator backed generative AI startup, to build their B2B revenue team and bring its text-to-speech, voice cloning and video avatar solutions to the global market and helps businesses around the world create professional audio and video content in less time for less money. 
M. Papolu

Mya Papolu

CEO and Founder,

Mya Papolu founded Brandbass to empower small businesses to grow online with the help of their most passionate customers and to help avid shoppers create content that generates results for the brands they love. She created Brandbass so that small businesses can capitalize on content and so that salespeople who love brands can earn a living selling on brands’ behalf. Mya graduated with a BS in engineering from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA from NYU Stern. She consulted with Deloitte, worked as an in-house analyst at Chanel, and managed products at high-growth startups. Mya has seen first-hand the waste and fraud involved in the influencer economy and founded Brandbass to power a new gig economy for digital sales where everyday people come together with small businesses to help each other grow. She created Brandbass so that small businesses can capitalize on content and so that salespeople who love brands can earn a living selling on brands’ behalf.

Gabriel (Gabe) Moronta

Head of Growth Marketing and CX, Visla and Host of The Mogabr Show

Gabriel (Gabe) Moronta, a growth, marketing, and customer experience professional with over 25 years of experience, has consistently reinvented himself in various roles throughout his career. Currently, Gabe is part of Visla, a company on a mission to revolutionize video creation and communication. At Visla, he works with an innovative team striving to create affordable, easy-to-use video creation tools to empower storytellers and connect them with their audiences. He takes pride in contributing to Visla's revolutionary transcript-based framework for faster editing and the overall growth of the company. In addition to his role at Visla, Gabe is the host of The Mogabr Show, a podcast where he enjoys conversing with people from diverse backgrounds, getting to know their life stories, interests, and motivations. He handles all aspects of the show, from the discussions to the technical aspects of audio and video editing.
N. Borelli

Nick Borelli

Marketing Director at 

Nick leverages his background in experience design, event tech, and digital marketing to help event professionals reach their full potential. His background includes decades of contributions to live and digital communication helping to facilitate his mission: bringing the world together through intentionally designed experiences. To further this mission, he has presented on a wide range of topics internationally, volunteered with numerous industry associations and contributed to dozens of publications. He has also served as a board member for a decade with the meetings and events industry non-profit, The SEARCH Foundation. Nick has been named a Changemaker by MeetingsNet, awarded International Volunteer of the Year by International Live Events Association, and has won numerous marketing awards. He haserved as an advisor and ambassador for associations, conferences, technology companies and many event suppliers.
M. Fulton

Mark Fulton

Founder, AI Marketing Plan & SmartGPT

Mark Fulton is the founder of AI Marketing Plan, Linguistics AI, and the Ultimate AI Course. An expert prompt engineer, marketer, developer, and entrepreneur, Mark has a passion for teaching others how to leverage AI to its maximum potential for business. From an early age, AI has captivated Mark's interest. Since the launch of ChatGPT, he has invested over 2000+ hours into prompt engineering research, writing 550+ robust prompts and creating and deploying more than 45 unique AI tools. Mark curates an ever-expanding list of AI Tools tailored for businesses and has assisted hundreds of enterprises in enhancing their marketing through AI.
Isar Meitis

Isar Meitis

3x CEO, former F16 pilot, Leveraging AI Podcast Host

Isar Meitis is a 3 time CEO with a passion for teaching and mentoring, who drinks and eats AI tech. Isar has always been a teacher by heart, from his early days as a flight instructor in the Air Force Academy, all the way to current days where he mentors CEOs. As an experienced CEO, Isar has a holistic approach to business processes and this course is a great example of it. Isar aims to empower individuals to maximize their potential through systems and processes and produce a positive business impact within their organization. Isar has built and implemented technology, systems, processes, and teams in a wide variety of organizations, from small tech startups all the way to multi-billion dollar corporations.
Markham Nolan pic

Markham Nolan

Co-founder of NOAN

Markham Nolan, a digital strategist since 2010, specializes in building teams that captivate and retain users, enhancing business efficiency and creativity. As co-founder of NOAN, a global business accelerator platform, and the COO at Recount Media, he drives technological innovation. Previously, he led media operations at WWE and spearheaded digital growth at CBS News. A pivotal figure at Vocativ and Storyful, the first social media news agency, Markham Nolan embodies a fusion of leadership and digital transformation expertise.
Angela Pitter

Angela Pitter

Digital Marketing Advisor & Strategist

Angela Pitter is the secret weapon to unlocking your digital potential in 2023. As the brain behind LiveWire Collaborative, she specializes in digital strategy, social media consultation, training, and branding. Angela's expertise lies in understanding businesses' digital footprint, enabling them to close gaps and connect effectively with their target audiences. With rave reviews from clients and a repertoire of digital marketing skills, Angela is a celebrated expert for creating focused messaging that cuts through the noise and drives brand awareness.
Isar Meitis pic

Max Rascher

The AI Guy

Max Rascher, a self-started entrepreneur, has a history of turning visions into realities. After leaving a corporate sales career, he built a digital marketing agency that scaled to a remarkable $37k MRR and grew a LinkedIn following of over 45K in just five months. His success extends to the paid newsletter—TheLazyMarketer—now boasting over 1.5K subscribers. With a knack for staying ahead of AI advancements, Max is the creator of TheLazyMarketer, a newsletter dedicated to helping brands leverage AI in the workplace. He also offers a comprehensive guide to mastering ChatGPT.

Elizabeth Sage

AImpact Partner and Event Strategist

Elizabeth Sage is an award-winning event strategist, certified personal coach, and pivotal partner working alongside Hal AI to create AImpact. With a deep commitment to fostering human connection, she has devoted over two decades to the meeting and events industry, crafting transformative experiences from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions that leave lasting impact. Embracing AI as a powerful ally to the events world, Elizabeth firmly believes in its potential to enhance the way people connect. She sees it as a partner, harnessing its capabilities to create more meaningful and immersive experiences. Elizabeth's expertise extends beyond strategic event planning as she provides personal coaching to individuals and groups navigating significant life transitions.
Rupa Singh

Rupa Singh

Author of "AI Ethics with Buddhist Perspective" | Founder and CEO at AI-Beehive

Rupa Singh is a seasoned professional in IT and data analytics with over 14 years of experience across large organizations and diverse domains. Currently serving as a Coach for the PG Diploma Program in Artificial Intelligence at UpGrad, she guides four batches of 10 students each. Rupa has delivered over 5,000 hours of Machine Learning training to students and professionals. With her strong ability to build scalable analytical solutions, particularly in the financial industry, Rupa has demonstrated expertise in predictive analysis, data visualization, deep learning, reporting, and system design. She continues to be an influential figure in the realm of functional consulting and AI education.
Hailey Wilson

Hailey Wilson

AImpact President

Hailey's journey began in corporate America, specializing in crisis communication across sectors like tech, finance, and biotech. Her knack for breaking down complex concepts into digestible bits led her to leap into entrepreneurship. Her career took a pivotal turn during the AI renaissance, when she saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between businesses seeking AI integration and fellow entrepreneurs. Her expertise in communication, marketing, and entrepreneurship, coupled with her drive to demystify AI, drove her to create AImpact, an event, a community, a platform where ideas are shared, tested, and developed - all in the quest for making AI more accessible and beneficial for all.
Kai Blackeborough pic

Kai Blakeborough

Legal Analyst, AI Strategist

Kai’s mission is to make AI accessible for everyone. With over 10 years of diverse experience in project management, legal operations, process improvement, and nonprofit communications, he brings an ethically grounded perspective to conversations about responsible use. Kai is an expert at simplifying complex AI concepts and identifying strategic use cases for generative AI tools. He has developed corporate guidelines and training about their responsible use and best practices for prompt engineering. Kai advocates for a future where AI serves humanity responsibly and creatively, aligning with the values that shape our society.
Jack Adams

Jack Adams

AI Strategist and Entrepreneur, Spearheading Walmart's Generative AI Adoption 

Jack started his career in Walmart's merchandising organization, developed a passion for GenAI, and began leading several Generative AI projects which will revolutionize retail experiences and maximize internal productivity through the creation of automated workflows. Fueled by a passion for democratizing emerging tech knowledge, Jack recently founded Prevolve Learn—an EdTech startup. Prevolve harnesses the power of Generative AI to create personalized and gamified eLearning experiences, bringing a fresh perspective to the traditional learning paradigm by upskilling & reskilling professionals in the face of emerging technology. Jack also runs an Agency called Prevolve Enterprise, building tailored AI chatbots and automation workflows on demand. 
Pic of Jeff McKinnon

Jeff McKinnon


Jeff McKinnon is an On Deck fellow and entrepreneur who co-founded, a scalable web development platform. He also co-founded AFJ, a successful website agency. Jeff's adrenaline-fueled activities include motorcycle riding, skiing, climbing, and adventure racing. He has a deep appreciation for exploration and enjoys discovering new cultures and cities. As an On Deck fellow, he actively contributes to the entrepreneurial community.
Curt Doty

Curt Doty

AI Management Consultant, Brand Architect, AI Strategist

Curt is an accomplished marketer and creative executive with a history of driving 8-figure growth for two entertainment agencies and partnering with over 50 Fortune 500 companies. A former NBC Universal executive, he's an award-winning brand strategist skilled in merging design, content, and technology. With over 20 mobile apps and collaborative R&D projects with tech giants like Apple and Microsoft under his belt, Curt is a force in both the TV and Film industry. He advises on marketing and branding through his consultancy,, and runs MediaSlam, a weekly newsletter on tech and design trends. Recently, he founded RealmIQ, a consultancy specializing in Generative AI, and has established a global network of AI experts for corporate workshops.
Jack Adams

Ashley McBean

Technical Consultant & NLP Practitioner

Ashley McBean, a seasoned professional championing underrepresented talent in data, design, and software development across regions. A passionate advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in tech, her insights empower women and amplify AI's role in social progress. As an EQ & NLP practitioner, she offers fresh perspectives on leadership and self-development. Ashley's exhibit is a hub for talent partnerships, Women in Tech events, and coaching. Her expertise enriches discussions, fosters connections, and drives innovation.

Pic of Jeff McKinnon

Dr. Manish Mehta

Generative AI Entrepreneur | Conversational AI @Disney @Musuem Exhibits | Enterprise AI & Robotic Strategy

Dr. Manish Mehtais an innovator in human-centered AI with over 20 years experience pioneering first-of-their-kind systems that integrate technology, business, and human needs. He is a thought leader in people-first AI writing at  Manish spearheaded groundbreaking AI innovations including next-gen conversational AI for Disney's Turtle Talk with Crush, AI storytelling enhancing Disney’s iconic Pirates of the Caribbean, an AI voice assistant for construction workers, and AI/robotics systems for manufacturing plants. His work also includes AI cultural and strategies for various multinationals, AI museum exhibits bringing history to life through natural conversation, a self-driving engineering degree focused on real-world skills, autonomous mower tech strategy, and conversational agents for customer service.   Featured in major media like USA Today, MSNBC, Washington Post, and Bloomberg, his pioneering work has been presented at the White House.
Kambria Dumesnil

Kambria Dumesnil

AI Innovation Lounge Founder, L&D Strategist

Kambria is an expert in integrating generative AI into Learning & Development (L&D) workflows. With a career rich in spearheading technology-centric projects, she has successfully optimized workflows, boosted knowledge sharing, and improved communication quality across various organizations. Her focus is not just on the technology, but also on the people who use it. Kambria is a strong advocate for collective creativity and believes that it adds immense value to both businesses and learners. If you're an L&D professional, freelancer, or leader looking to harness the power of AI, Kambria is the speaker to catch. Don't miss her invaluable insights into how AI can redefine the future of learning and development.

Isabella Bedoya

Isabella Bedoya

Generative AI Corporate Trainer and Speaker

Isabella is a transformative leader in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and business strategy. With a focus on real-world applications, she has successfully harnessed the power of AI to revolutionize her own business operations, reducing costs while driving up engagement and revenue. Her compelling journey—from managing a medium-sized team with high operational costs to pivoting to a lean, AI-powered team—serves as a case study in agility and innovation. In just 60 days, Isabella saw her follower count skyrocket from 2,000 to 23,000, generated over 3.8 million impressions, and collected six figures in revenue. Isabella's message is clear and urgent: mastering AI is no longer optional but essential for professionals and businesses that want to stay competitive in today's landscape. 
Pic of Jeff McKinnon

Lauren Wallett

South African Solo Founder in NYC & London

Lauren Wallett is the creator of the world's first prescriptive AI super tool, Creatrix. With 20 years of marketing expertise and business success, clients include Kraft Heinz, Desroches Island, and Techstars. An NBC coach, acclaimed author, and award-winning playwright, Lauren began her career in theatre and went on to sell 2 businesses at 26, run an international marketing agency, launch a business academy in Los Angeles, and receive a green card for exceptional ability as a celebrity entrepreneur. In 2023, she became the sole patron of Malva Media Small Businesses Grant, a judge for the Black Ambition Prize, and is now in London, expanding her startup to the Middle East.