• AImpact Your Business: 
    Revolutionize Your Strategy with AI

    November 7 - 9
    3-Day ​Virtual Event

    Join the AImpact conference to explore the limitless possibilities of integrating AI into your business and marketing. Experience the future of digital marketing firsthand and revolutionize your strategy today!

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What to Expect at AImpact

Attendees can expect a wide range of activities and tangible benefits that will help them deepen their knowledge and gain practical experience in the field of AI for marketing and communications. 

Keynote Insights

Speeches and presentations from industry experts will explore the latest trends and insights in AI for marketing andcommunications.


Meet and exchange ideas with other pioneers of the Marketing and AI frontier. Ask today's experts all the questions you've always wanted to ask!

Technology Demos

Test-drive cutting-edge technology and tools designed to help you unlock the power of AI to drive better results and achieve your goals.

Practical Workshops

In-depth workshops and training sessions will provide attendees with hands-on experience using AI-powered tools and technologies to improve their marketing and communications strategies.
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Real-World AI Case Studies and Best Practices

Gain valuable insights and best practices from real-world case studies, success stories, and examples of how AI is being used in marketing and communications today.
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